Frog Secretions Are Key to Milk Preservation

For centuries, certain rural Russian communities reportedly used frogs to prevent milk spoilage. This practice initially dismissed as a mere folk remedy, has garnered scientific interest due to potential antimicrobial properties found in frog skin secretions. The development of ice boxes in the early 19th century revolutionized food preservation. With New England and Norway as […]

Breathing Secrets of Dolphins

Dolphins, unlike many other mammals, do not breathe automatically. This unique aspect of their physiology means that every breath they take is a conscious decision, not an involuntary reflex as it is in humans. The need for conscious control of breathing in dolphins is primarily due to their aquatic lifestyle and the need to surface […]

An Insomnia Epidemic

When it comes to sleep, the worst dreams are often the ones you don’t experience. While many people face occasional sleepless nights due to stress or other common factors, there’s a group of individuals dealing with a different kind of sleeplessness – one that stems from rare and often perplexing medical conditions. Within the realm […]

22 lb Tumor Removed in 19th Century Surgery

On December 13, 1809, a pivotal moment in medical history occurred. Jane Todd Crawford, initially believing herself to be pregnant, was diagnosed with a large ovarian tumor. This tumor, weighing 22.5 pounds (10.2 kg), marked a significant medical challenge of the time. Ephraim McDowell, a pioneering surgeon, undertook this challenging case. Jane, residing 60 miles […]

The Reality of Oprah’s Car Giveaway Stunt

On September 13, 2004, Oprah Winfrey created a stir in television history, not as Orpah, her birth name inspired by a biblical figure, but as a media icon, orchestrating a massive car giveaway. This event has since been etched into the annals of marketing and pop culture. But was it all as it seemed? The […]

Unraveling the Mystery of Selective Mutism

Selective mutism is a severe anxiety disorder characterised by a persistent inability to speak in socially significant circumstances. They can communicate verbally. They are neither reserved nor cold. They are not reluctant to communicate. They’re also not your “typically reserved” people. The primary cause of their inability to communicate is the elevated levels of stress […]

Is There a Cure for Symptoms of Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

Many people mistakenly believe that only a select few people are ever affected by mental health issues. Many different types of psychosocial stress can contribute to or even directly cause psychiatric disorders in individuals. Some of these are widely disseminated and recognized, while others are less so. The intermittent explosive disorder is one such condition. […]

Which One Are You? An Optimist, a Pessimist, or a Realist?

There are heroes and villains in movies. Your life has both heroes and villains because it exists in the actual world. They, too, must live in balance with one another, like the yin and yang. The maintenance of global equilibrium is crucial. A positive and balanced outlook is something everyone aspires to achieve. What characteristics mark […]