Online Casino Bonuses

Are you looking for the best casino bonus 2021? Almost all online casinos give out a casino bonus to new players. The most common form of casino bonus is a welcome bonus. This usually consists of a deposit bonus or free spins. Sometimes you get a welcome pack consisting of both free spins and credits to play.

Casino bonuses without wagering requirements unusual

A casino bonus with no wagering requirements is not a common occurence. If you get one, you do not need to play through the bonus money to withdraw your winnings. A no deposit casino bonus is of course the best kind of casino bonus because you don’t actually risk any of your own money. Nowadays, few very few South African casinos offer a casino bonus without a deposit.

South African casino bonus 2021:

2 best casino bonuses + welcome bonus!

So what are the best online casino bonus in 2021 for South Africans? You should primarily look for casino bonuses without deposit and wagering requirements. Very few online casinos actually offer this. However, finding a casino bonus that has no wagering requirements or a casino bonus without a deposit are the absolute best kinds of casino bonuses on the web.

For your convenience, we have listed South Africa’s best casino bonuses in one place. Now you can quickly find a new casino bonus when you are eager to try a new online casino. Choose a casino from our list below and get started right away. With a casino bonus, gambling becomes a lot more fun and you get to play more games for your bankroll.

Start with a no deposit casino bonus to try out the online casino where you can win real money with no deposit required. Here you will find the best casino bonus without deposit (so-called casino bonus no deposit).

What is a casino bonus with no wagering requirements?

Exactly what a bonus looks like varies depending on which casino you choose. In recent years, casino bonuses without wagering requirements have become a bonus that more and more players are prioritizing. A casino bonus without a turnover is generally not for any extreme amounts, but it can be worth it when you do not have to turn over any winnings.

Sure, it can feel tempting to receive a giant casino bonus, and if you are a big player, it definitely has its benefits. At the same time, there is a risk that your bonus money will slowly but surely disappear if the wagering requirements are too high, but if it is a bonus without wagering, these problems are gone with the wind.

You simply avoid all wagering requirements with this type of bonus. The time from when you received your bonus until you can withdraw your winnings has never been shorter. If you choose a casino without an account with fast withdrawals, you will receive the money from your bonus in just a few minutes. No wonder casinos without wagering requirements are one of the players’ favorites.

Choosing a casino bonus without deposit requirements!

We have all dreamed of playing casino for free while also having the chance to win real cash. Some online casinos offer a no deposit casino bonus . Then you do not have to deposit money to activate the welcome offer but instead receive a sum from the gaming company directly upon registration.

The advantage is that the risk is totally blown away because it is a no deposit casino bonus. You do not have to play with your own money to win. Once you have used your casino bonus with no deposit required , you can choose whether you want to continue playing at the online casino with a new deposit. Or you go on to the next casino and receive a new deposit-free bonus there.

Best casino bonuses in South Africa?

So what is the best thing about receiving a casino bonus? One of the biggest benefits in our opinion is that you get even more out of your gambling for your money. The bonus works great when you try out an online casino and its range of games because your risk will be significantly less, or none at all if you receive a no deposit bonus or free spins with no deposit.

We have listed all our favorite casinos and their bonuses so that you can easily find a safe player to play at. Click in via our links and you are guaranteed a high-class gaming experience while you have access to exclusive bonuses and promotions that you can receive when you become a new member.

Regular casino bonuses at South African online casinos

There are several different types of casino bonuses and it can be difficult for you to keep track of all the terms that fly around the industry. To make it easy for you, we have collected the most common casino bonuses and explain the difference between the different variants.

Welcome Bonus – Deposit Bonus & Matching Bonus

A welcome bonus is the one you get when you become a new member of the online casino. The welcome bonus usually consists of a deposit bonus where the casino matches your first deposit up to a certain amount, this bonus is also called a match bonus.

Bonus with no deposit requirements

As above, a no deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus are the same thing. The online casino gives you a gift without the requirement that you need to deposit money.

Reload bonuses

Is the same as a deposit bonus but it happens on your second, third and future deposits. However, reload bonuses are prohibited today in Sweden, so if you want to receive this, you must turn to a casino outside the South African licensing system.

Free spins bonuses

No casino player in South Africa has missed that free spins are part of South African casinos. Free spins have been loved as long as online casinos have existed and even today you see offers with free spins everywhere.

Free spins without deposit

The most common form of free spins is classic free spins. You get a lot of free spins on a slot machine with the chance to win real money. By receiving free spins, you avoid risk but still have the opportunity to win. Some require a deposit while others are free spins with no deposit required.

Cash Spins – free spins with no wagering requirements

As a rule, free spins come with wagering requirements on your possible winnings. If, on the other hand, you receive cash spins, you will avoid this. Cash spins are like regular free spins but do not need to be turned over.

Among other things, LeoVegas , Nordicbet , Betsson and Betsafe offer cash spins when you make a first deposit.

The advantage of these spins is that you can withdraw the winnings directly to your bank account. If you use Trustly, you also have the money in just a few minutes.

Super Spins – free spins with a higher value

Super spins are another form of free spins that are loved by most people. A super spin is best described as a free spin on steroids. That is, it has a significantly higher value than a regular free spins, which means that there is a greater chance of big wins. Therefore, we think you should receive super spins as soon as you have the opportunity because few bonuses give the same joy.

Keep track of the terms and conditions

When you receive a casino bonus, there are rules and conditions to abide by. Some rules are common to all casinos. For example, the same age limit applies to everyone involved as you must be 18 years old to play at the online casino in South Africa. The rule you should keep the most track of is without a doubt the wagering requirements.

Usually when you receive a bonus, you must wager it before you can withdraw the money. The casino locks the money until the wagering requirements are met and if you do not look into these, you can in the worst case get a sad surprise when you have to pick out your winnings.

Today, there are higher requirements than before that casinos must be clear about the conditions in their marketing of bonuses. Therefore, when you receive a bonus, you clearly see what the requirements are. Always check the rules and conditions to get a full overview of what applies to your particular casino bonus. If you are unsure, support is available via live chat, which is more than happy to answer your questions.

Questions and answers about casino bonuses

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a gift from a gaming company and can come in many different forms. You get the bonus as a thank you for choosing a specific game page.

Are free spins and casino bonuses the same thing?

No free spins are free spins that can be used on a slot machine. A casino bonus is an offer you get from a gaming site. Free spins can be part of the casino bonus but a casino bonus can not be part of free spins.

Which casino bonus is most common?

The most common form of bonus in South Africa is a welcome bonus consisting of a deposit bonus and a bunch of free spins. The size of the welcome bonus varies greatly depending on which casino you have chosen, but it is not entirely unusual with, for example, a 100% bonus up to R1,000 + X number of free spins.

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus means that you get a sum from the online casino to test the range of games. No deposit is required for this bonus which makes it one of the most beloved bonuses out there today. Receive a no deposit bonus immediately when you sign up at a gaming site, it gives you a start you will appreciate.

How does a casino bonus work without wagering requirements?

A bonus with no wagering requirement works as if all winnings are withdrawable instantly. This means that you never have to risk losing your winnings from the bonus because they are withdrawable instantly. Receive a bonus without turnover and have the opportunity to get the money out in a few minutes.

Do all casinos have a welcome bonus?

No, not all casinos offer a welcome bonus but the absolute majority do.

What does no deposit bonus mean?

No deposit means directly translated “no deposit” which means that no deposit bonus is a bonus without needing to make a deposit at the casino.

Can I withdraw the winnings directly from the casino bonus?

It depends on what the wagering requirements say. Usually you have to wager your bonus as many times as the online casino requires, but it is becoming more common with non-wager bonuses where you can withdraw any winnings instantly.